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A Celebration of Recovery and Life – Lilly

Every so often, there’s a rescue story that really tugs on your heartstrings and makes you feel emotional. One journey that resonated with a lot of people was that of Lilly. Lilly’s path to C.A.R.E. was…unique. We were contacted directly from her vet clinic. She was taken to the clinic, hairless and drastically underweight, and her owner wanted to euthanize her because of her skin issues. Thankfully, the vet clinic staff wasn’t having it, and they convinced the owner to surrender Lilly to them. When the clinic contacted C.A.R.E., we took in this sweet baby to start her road to recovery.

When Lilly made her way to C.A.R.E., she immediately went to our sanctuary in Aurora, where she received love, warmth, medical treatment, and lots of high-quality food! We immediately knew that she was special. Even though she was in a rough condition, she showed incredible resiliency. We don’t know what she may have experienced in the past, but her energy and newfound life in her eyes showed she finally had a positive outlook on what her future could hold. With C.A.R.E., she got to feel a full belly and slowly but surely, she started to gain weight and her hair started to fill back in.

When we first shared Lilly’s story, the Springfield community rallied around her. Not only did people share her story and send their love, but many individuals and organizations donated specifically to her treatment. To everyone who donated, shared her story, kept her in your thoughts, and loved her unconditionally from just reading her story and seeing her picture, we sincerely thank you. We couldn’t continue to help these animals like Lilly without your support.

Lilly’s recovery has been incredible, and after nearly two months at the sanctuary, her rescue story is ready to be complete. She’s currently at our adoption center waiting for her forever home! While she may be graying a little at the nose, she’s playful and energetic, and wants lots of walks and squeeky toys. She REALLY loves food, but most of all she needs a loving home with lots of attention, love, hugs, and kisses.

Lilly’s waiting for you to come meet her. Come say hi to her from 10 am to 6 pm at our adoption center at 1328 West Sunshine Street in Springfield. She’ll greet you with a wagging tail and some slobbery kisses!

Good luck, Lilly! We hope to get you home soon. 😊



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