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Each animal we rescue comes from a unique background or situation. As we help them get back on their feet and love on them while they wait on their new forever home, you could say we get a little attached. We love our rescues, but we love it even more when we see how happy they are in their new homes. Here you can find photos and stories of C.A.R.E. animals as they have settled into their new homes. 



We haven't had Dougal long but we already love him bunches. This photo is from his first vet appointment. He is such a good boy. You can Keep up with him and his big sister chilly on Instagram: 



Zayla to us Sandra to CARE. We adopted this gorgeous, spoiled turd 4 years ago. She is an absolute blessing to us and we always thank CARE on her gotcha day❤️



Sharing my handsome man Sean who came from CARE, his adoption day took place on my birthday back in February 2018 and he’s been the most wonderful addition to our family. Can’t even comprehend how I lived all my years without him, Sean is the best treasure! I don’t know how anyone could have given up on him. 🖤



This is our fur baby Finn formally known as D’Jango. We adopted him in 2015 and he has been the best addition to our family!! We cannot imagine life without him ❤️❤️❤️❤️ thanks CARE for all you do!!!



This is Kiki formerly Sondra, I adopted her from CARE in 2014 I believe. She went from a very skittish, untrusting, independent cat to this. A very cuddly, vocal and outgoing kitty. I love her so much!!



This was Luna a year ago, the day we picked her out. So small!

Also adoptees of: Byron (dog) in March 2015 & Shortcake (cat) December 2018



This is Hannah in her jammies we adopted her in June of 2015.



This is our little Maleficent formerly Sandy. We adopted her in August of ‘15. She has been a great addition to our family and are so grateful to CARE for saving her.



This is Leia, formerly Michonne, we adopted from CARE in February 2018! She’s enjoying some Andy’s frozen custard in her photo. She loved her first Christmas with us, especially receiving all her new treats and cow hooves to chew on!



My sweet Lily..(Madge) adopted in 2010. She was estimated to be 8 yrs old in 2010. She is still blessing me with love. ❤



Going strong after 5 years of adoption! Bear (formally stormy from the old Ozark location) has a bit of arthritis at his ripe old age of 12, but well managed with medication. He's he best cuddling buddy for the kids.



This is Bella formerly (Katie) and she rescued us from CARE in June of 2011. Almost 8 years later with a little more grey--she hasn't slowed down much! She will be 11 this year. 😍🐕❤ Thank you CARE for rounding out our family and bringing this sweet girl into our lives.


Knute aka Newton

This is Knute/ aka Newton he is the boss around here!! He’s definitely put a new perspective on our life!! We love him though and his big brother George the pug tolerates him!! Love ❤️ my fur babies



Max my first CARE dog he’s the reason I became a volunteer there in 2006!! Such a grumpy ornery boy

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