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Adoption Process

Each animal is spayed or neutered. ​

All animals are spayed / neutered before they are available for adoption. This helps reduce pet overpopulation in the Ozarks - the highest in the country.

Each animal is current on vaccinations.​

Both dogs and cats must receive three total sets of vaccinations to prevent deadly animal diseases. All animals at C.A.R.E. are kept current on their vaccinations while in our care (All animals are vaccinated for Bordetella or "kennel cough", DA2, PPV, CVK-puppies, DA2, PPV, Lepto-adult dogs, FVRCP-C-kittens & adult cats). Dogs and cats above the age of 12 weeks old also receive their rabies shots and are sent home with a rabies certificate, collar, & rabies tag.  

Each animal has been dewormed.

Worms are parasites that can cause serious damage to your pet. C.A.R.E. deworms all of the animals in our care. No single dewormer will eliminate every type of parasite, so we do recommend that your new pet sees a vet to ensure that there is nothing that we missed.


C.A.R.E. provides additional services.

Cats are tested for two very common diseases, FIV and Feline Leukemia, before being put up for adoption. Dogs are microchipped and heartworm tested before they are available for adoption. 

Each animal has been given a general health check.​​

Every pet in our care has been checked for illness and received individual care based on his/her needs. All animals are quarantined for a minimum of two weeks at our clinc after rescue to ensure that they are free from illness and disease prior to being placed up for adoption.

Adoption Process

Stop by our adoption center to view our animals, or take a look at our Petfinder page. If you find an animal you are interested in adopting, we will have you fill out an adoption application. Our adoption counselors will review your application and discuss the animal with you to ensure we are making a good match for both the animal and for the adopters. Occasionally we may do a home visit or have a manager review an application before adoption. The minimum donation for cat adoptions and for dog adoptions is $100 which helps us cover the cost of veterinary care. If you rent, please bring a copy of your lease showing that you are allowed to own a pet, or be prepared for us to contact your landlord for approval. Please also bring a photo ID. We may ask for proof of address or proof of home ownership if you do not rent.

We also allow a 30-day grace period for pets and people to adjust to one another. Pets can be returned (along with all adoption paperwork) within 30 days of the date of adoption if the new partnership will not work out. 


C.A.R.E. makes every effort to ensure our animals are as healthy as possible before adoption, however we do recommend taking your new friend for a wellness examine at your veterinarian's office after adoption. For instance, if an animal is adopted before 16 weeks of age they may need more booster vaccinations to secure an immunity to disease. This is the responsibility of the adopter. Adoption fees are non-refundable.


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