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Cage Free - As It Should Be

Instead of kennels or cages, our cats and dogs spend their days in spacious rooms complete with comfortable furniture and plenty of room to interact with visitors. Our canine companions also have access to an indoor play area where they can spend time playing off-leash, making new canine friends and training with volunteers and staff. This center also has a grooming area and area outside for walks.

The cage-free shelter model greatly reduces the amount of “kennel stress” our animals will feel while waiting for homes. When confined to small areas (like cages and kennels) for long periods of time, animals become bored and frustrated. This can manifest itself in many ways, such as destructiveness, excessive barking, frustration and kennel aggression. Dogs who are exhibiting these issues are often overlooked and rejected by adopters, when in reality they behave in a totally different way out of a cage. This model will also help our new arrivals, or dogs who have more reserved or shyer personalities, adjust to their surroundings in their own time. They can greet visitors at the door or they can observe from a comfy bed. Potential adopters will be able to spend time with animals in a relaxed environment where they feel comfortable, and will get to see the pet’s true personality. Dogs who enjoy the company of other dogs will be able to have “roommates”, puppies will be able to be housed with other puppies for non-stop playtime and senior dogs can keep each other company throughout the day- further alleviating boredom and loneliness.  We have had our cage-free cat adoption center (located next door) open since 2016, and the quality of life and contentment of our adoptable cats has never been higher!

This is an innovative and new way to house animals in shelters while they wait for homes. Since our cage-free center has been open, we have never seen our animals happier. This isn’t the first time C.A.R.E. has been on the forefront of new shelter techniques. We were the first No-Kill rescue in the region and the first to promote early spay and neuter. With your support we can continue to work toward new ways to make our shelter animals feel more comfortable and happy, increase the number of families who are adopting, reduce the number of animals who are put to sleep in shelters, educate the public and ultimately make life better for all animals in southwest Missouri!

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