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Let's talk C.A.R.E.

Hey you! Welcome to the C.A.R.E. blog where we are going to keep you updated on the daily happenings, animal rescue and love stories, events, and where we are headed as the largest no-kill shelter in Southwest Missouri! So go ahead, get comfy, and let's talk C.A.R.E.

Here at C.A.R.E. it's more than connecting pets to their forever families and homes- It is showing relentless compassion in the midst of continuous strife against animals. We don't just rescue cats and dogs, we rescue horses, cows, goats, bunnies, pigs, lizards, and so much more. Our compassion doesn't end at the household pet, as we believe all animals have the rights to happiness and freedom as it was intended with their design.

The best part? It is through the Springfield and surrounding communities that our dreams and passions have become a reality! That's right! YOU are the reason several animals are given a second chance. C.A.R.E. truly encompasses not only the animals we rescue, but the compassionate humans that support us through donations and volunteering. We cannot say thank you enough, and if our animals could speak, we know they would say the same.

20,000 and counting. That is how many animals C.A.R.E. has rescued since 1992. And it is all because of people like you! You know that feeling you get when you are granted to do the one thing that means the most to you? Us too- and that is why we want to consistently reiterate our gratitude because it means we get to accomplish what fuels our passion!

Blog posts will be weekly on Mondays. Follow along for rescue stories (and cute pictures of course), updates on our new Pet Center in Springfield, a behind-the-scenes look at our Sanctuary in Aurora, events, volunteers, and all things C.A.R.E.! From all of your two- and four-legged friends at C.A.R.E., RUFF RUFF and good tidings!


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