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Marathi Calendar Kalnirnay 1991




See also Hindu calendar Hinduism Jain calendar References Category:Months Category:Hindu calendar da:Hinduism de:Hinduismus el:ΧΙΙΙ es:Hinduismo fr:Hindouisme it:Hinduismo nl:Hinduism ja:ヒンドゥー教 no:Hinduisme pt:Hinduísmo ru:Хиндусизм simple:Hinduism sr:Хиндусијски православ sv:Hinduism uk:Хіндустія vi:Tình cực kỳ lạ zh:印度教In vitro recombination of viruses: correction of the target plasmid specificity of a fowl adenovirus vector in a model system. In vitro recombination of DNA in eukaryotic cells was achieved for the first time with the T-lymphotropic avian adenovirus strain Fowlpox, which is known to be highly specific for avian DNA. The production of recombinant viruses was achieved by infection of chicken embryo fibroblast cells with linearized plasmid DNA, derived from plasmid pXL5. Infection of these cells with Fowlpox allowed the recovery of recombinants carrying the foreign DNA in their genome, as indicated by the positive plaque-forming cell (PFC) response of the indicator chicken cells. Recombinant virus recovered from these cells was found to have lost its specific restriction pattern for plasmid pXL5 DNA. The loss of target specificity was shown by the inability of the plasmid pXL5 restriction pattern to inhibit the growth of the recombinant virus, by the inability of the recombinant virus to grow in chicken cells which are pXL5-sensitive but which are refractory to wild-type fowlpox. These results demonstrate that avian adenoviruses have the potential to infect target cells which are insensitive to wild-type viruses, and thus offer the possibility of using the virus as a gene delivery vector.Q: How to change the size of the content area of UIStackView




Marathi Calendar Kalnirnay 1991

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