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Volunteer Programs

  • Adoption Center Animal Care
    Smiling Door Greeter: Sometimes adoption counselors are busy caring for animals in the back of the store when people come to visit us. Help us put our best paw forward by greeting potential adopters as they walk into our centers, so everyone feels welcomed and comfortable while they view our animals. Orientation Needed Tail Waggers: Would you like to spend time with our animals in the shelter? Our dogs and cats can always use more affection and attention, and our volunteers are a huge part of that. Come volunteer at our shelters in 2 hour shifts where you will walk dogs and play with cats. Our goal is to provide our animals with a great quality of life while they wait for homes. Your affection and attention is the highlight of these shelter animals' day! Orientation Needed Helping Hands Mentor: C.A.R.E. is lucky to have some very dedicated and experienced volunteers. This program utilizes them to help our new volunteers adjust and feel comfortable in their C.A.R.E. duties. Orientation Needed Paw Pals: We strive to give our animals in the shelters a high quality of life. Volunteers are a huge help to our staff in the adoption centers. Paw Pals assist our staff with animal care, such as cleaning, feeding, giving medicine and more. If you are interested in how a shelter operates, then you may enjoy being a Paw Pal! Orientation Needed; additional training on shelter cleanliness and health needed.
  • Off Site Assistance
    Paws in the Park: We try to get our animals out of the shelter as often as we can. In this program you can come to our shelter in the morning before we open (or in the evenings after we close) and take a C.A.R.E. dog to the park, trail or your fenced in yard. This not only accommodates those volunteers who may only be available in the mornings, but also gives our dogs a chance to experience new places and socialize through one-on-one time. Orientation Needed ​ Offsite C.A.R.E. Representative: Help us spread the word about our mission! Represent C.A.R.E. at local fundraisers and events by talking to people and handing out C.A.R.E. materials. Help us plan mobile adoptions, educational events and fundraisers! Orientation Needed Extreme Dog Walkers: This program benefits our shelter dogs that need a little more exercise than the other animals. If you love to run/bike and need an exercise buddy, bring a C.A.R.E. dog along! It's great exercise and the dogs love it! Orientation Needed Pick A Pet Project: Are you great with social media? Have you bonded with one of the C.A.R.E. animals? You could help us find forever homes for our pets! In this volunteer program you will pick a cat or dog and become their spokesperson by posting about them on social media and telling your friends and family about them. You can make a video, write a bio, or whatever plays to your skills. Sometimes all it takes is a beautiful photo or video to connect an animal with their new forever family. Orientation Needed Education Hounds: One of C.A.R.E.'s goals in the community is to educate local youth about pet over-population, spay and neuter, proper pet care and rescue. This will only benefit animals in the future and help reduce the kill-rate in area shelters. If you are great with kids or have an interest in teaching this program is for you. C.A.R.E. is often invited into classrooms and children's programs to speak to kids about what we do, and we always can use more representatives to help! Orientation Needed
  • Training and Counseling
    4 on the Floor Training: Help our shelter dogs become better behaved and more adoptable though play groups. By training our dogs in this setting you can help them build confidence and social skills. Orientation Needed; additional training on animal training needed ​ Training Mentor/ Advanced Animal Handler: Learn to utilize C.A.R.E.'s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training to help our special needs animals build confidence and become more adoptable. You can also help other volunteers learn "4 on the Floor Training" techniques. Orientation Needed; additional training on animal training needed; additional training on working with special needs and behavioral dogs needed ​ C.A.R.E. Adoption Counseling: Our adoption program is a very important aspect of our rescue process. The more animals we adopt out, the more we can save from death row. It is very important for possible adopters to feel welcomed and comfortable in our adoption centers. In this program, learn to converse with possible adopters and answer questions, screen homes and do adoptions. Orientation Needed; additional training on adoption counseling needed; 40 hrs shadowing
  • Foster
    Share Your Love Foster Program: Help us free space in our adoption centers by becoming a foster home. You can help us care for pets that are not quite ready for adoption. This program will allow us to rescue even more animals from kill shelters in Southwest Missouri. Orientation Needed; additional guidance on fostering needed Click here for our Foster Application

There are 14 ways to volunteer. Whether you want to volunteer at the adoption center or outside of the adoption center, help in training and counseling, or even foster an animal in your home, there is something for everyone! Certain additional training is required to be involved in specific volunteer programs. Take a look at the programs we offer by selecting the categories below. 

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